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        Introduction (ii)

        Key Governing Bodies

        The drinks industry is a highly regulated market.
        The supply and sale of alcohol drinks is governed by
        a range of laws and codes which you must familiarize
        yourself with if you plan to participate in this business.

        In Ireland, the drinks industry takes its responsibilities
        very seriously. The sector is both governed by
        legislation and self-regulated. The industry abides
        by some of the strictest codes for marketing and
        promotion of alcohol in the world.

        Industry bodies such as the Alcohol Beverage
        Federation of Ireland ( and the Drinks
        Industry Group of Ireland ( are
        keen advocates of this code. ABFI also provides training
        to marketing staf in the sector for the domestic market
        that includes advertising, promotions, sponsorship,
        digital media and pack labeling. Please note that over
        90% of spirits and whiskey is exported and each market
        will have it’s own laws and regulations relating to

        The Drink Aware group is another body that works in
        collaboration with industry to promote responsible
        drinking to consumers ( ‘Drinking
        Responsibly’ is one of the cornerstones of the industry’s
        code of conduct, which includes guidelines on selling
        and marketing activities.

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