Page 25 - Drinks Industry - 14 Jan 2016
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a) Know Your Market

Intelligence gathering.
There are a number of sources of market
intelligence in the drinks sector. They include
competitor annual reports from PLCs, industry
publications on speciic market studies and
reports & newsletters. Annual Reports from PLCs
in particular, ofer a range of information from key
markets dynamics to brand performance.

Some drinks companies’ reports can be
sourced as follows:
• Diageo plc:
• Pernod Ricard
• BeamSuntory plc
• Heineken plc

Media Releases and Commentary:
The domestic and international media cover a host
of hot topics across the drinks industry. They are
widely available on-line and include topics such as:

• Trading updates, any senior management
structural changes and any corresponding
strategy changes
• New product innovation & news

• Brand and category performance.

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