Page 26 - Drinks Industry - 14 Jan 2016
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a) Know Your Market

Secondary research will enhance your knowledge of trends & behaviour shifts amongst
consumers in the drinks market. There is a lot of material available on-line through state agency
portals. Some of the most important reports to date for the Irish spirits & beer categories are as

1) ‘Looking to the future. Drinks 2025 Report’
(Bord Bia Publication available here)
This report examines what the spirits business could look like in 2025 and then asks what
kind of opportunities this opens up for Irish drinks suppliers. It reviews eight global forces
driving category change.
The implications of the 8 forces of change identiied are explored in the context of the three
drivers highlighted in the report.

2) ‘The Future of Irish Whiskey Report’
(Bord Bia Publication available here)
This report outlines opportunities & challenges in this category over the next 5 years. It
focuses on a number of inluencing factors that will continue to drive explosive category
growth for Irish Whiskey. The report also highlights three unique opportunity spaces for
Irish whiskey growth.

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