Page 28 - Drinks Industry - 14 Jan 2016
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a) Know Your Market

Social Media & Bloggers.
There’s an abundance of information on the activities of leading brands available on Facebook
sites and Twitter accounts. This medium is a critical channel for connecting with the generation
of drinkers who are both digitally savvy and on the move. Expert bloggers provide great insight
on the sector and provide an informed perspective on any new news or innovation in the

Industry Studies, Reports & Newsletters.
From a specialist report perspective there are a series of them published by Canadean, an
industry leader in information services. They have also issued specialist reports into individual
drinks categories such as ‘The Craft Beer Phenomenon’ and ‘Ireland Liqueurs Market Analysis’.
Euromonitor is another reputable and international intelligence agency that produces reports
on the sector such as ‘Passport Report - Spirits in Ireland’ and ‘Beer – Key Trends for the Year

Other noteworthy industry sources for news & analysis include: and These can be as frequent as daily issues
(via email services) or monthly publications or ad hoc reports and studies. Please note that
access to these sources does require a subscription., a US based daily newsletter on events and industry news and for a global news perspective on the drinks sector.

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