Page 17 - Drinks Industry - 14 Jan 2016
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How to Navigate this Guide

This guide lays out a roadmap for you to follow as you develop your business from idea to

The journey breaks into 3 clear stages for your business – ‘Pre-trading, Trading & Scaling’.
Although laid out sequentially, typically start-up businesses do not follow a straight line!

Within each stage, there is a series of key topics. Please give consideration to these topics in
your order of priority and tailor them to your unique set of circumstances. The start up journey is
seldom sequential.

Each ‘Key Topic’ contains the following outline:


• To achieve on that key topic


• To explain the key topic in a drinks context

Additional Resources

• Links & references for more detailed info as required on the key topic

Evaluate & Plan
• A series of checklists designed to make you think

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