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Introduction (iv)

Drinks Industry Terminology

It is important to understand the industry’s unique terminology.

• The strength of an alcohol drink is measured and labeled as ‘Alcohol By Volume’ or ABV.
This is the % of alcohol contained in each measure of drink. Typically whiskey is 40% ABV
while mainstream beers (lagers, ales & stouts) are in the region of 4-5% ABV in Ireland.

• In an Irish bar, the legal measure of a serving of spirits is 35.5ml, while beer is typically
served in pints (568ml) or bottles (330ml or 500ml in general).

• The spirits suppliers measure their market volume in 9 Liter Cases (i.e. 12 x 750ml bottles
of spirits), while the beer industry measures volume in Hectolitres which equates to 100
Liters of beer or 2 x 50L Kegs.

There are two main channels for the distribution of alcoholic drinks:

• Of-trade channel: refers to retail stores or of-licensed premises for purchase of drinks
for at-home occasions.

• On-trade channel: refers to bars, nightclubs, restaurants & hotels for purchase of drinks
for out-of-home occasions

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