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Introduction (iii)

Global Market Performance

The sector is in high growth globally. It is important to recognise that internationally, Ireland’s
start-ups are competing against very large scale, multi-national drinks companies as well as
other established regional and craft breweries and distilleries. For this reason, Bord Bia has a
premium craft drinks strategy and encourages Irish suppliers to diferentiate on the basis of
premium positioning of their brands. Premium brands are priced higher than mainstream brands
and thus can provide superior returns on investment when successful in market.


• In the world’s biggest alcohol • Irish whiskey was the fastest growing
market (the US) craft beer now spirit globally last year at +15%*
outsells Budweiser, at 19% share vs,
Budweiser’s 15%. • Irish whiskey producers are projected
to ship 25M+ cases of Whiskey by
• Craft beer is considered super premium 2030 compared to 7M cases in 2014.
in price and positioning, its value share
is double that of volume share. • A host of other Irish spirits are
also coming on stream as a result,
• The Top 30 craft breweries in the US including Poitin, Vodka & Gin
market grew by 72% in 2014*

• Craft beer is estimated to be worth $25
billion* in the next 5 years in the US
market alone

* IWSR data June 2014
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