Page 15 - Drinks Industry - 14 Jan 2016
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Introduction (iv)

Drinks Industry Terminology

• Beer is produced by a brewery and categorised as Stout, Ale and Lager. These can be brewed
and inished in a vast array of styles such as Pale Ales and Porters.

• Breweries measure their capacity in Hectolitres (Hls) of beer.

• The average keg holds 50 litres of beer, so we can say there are two kegs of beer in each HL.

• Many craft beers are sold in smaller sized kegs (e.g. 30 litre kegs) and bottles.

• The capacity of a brewery is determined by the size of it’s brewhouse eg.A 10 HL capacity
brewery can produce up to 7,200 HL annually.

• Consumers who are old enough to purchase alcohol are referred to as being of Legal Drinking
Age or LDA. LDA varies by market. In Ireland, it is 18yrs while in the USA it’s a minimum of 21
yrs in most states.

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