Page 8 - Drinks Industry - 14 Jan 2016
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Introduction (i)

State Agency Support

There is a substantial amount of state agency assistance available in the start-up arena. Here
are the main sources of support to help you start to inform yourself of the journey ahead:

Local Enterprise Oices (LEOs) ofer a wide range of advice, information and support to you in
starting up or growing your business. This should be the irst port of call for your start-up. They
are a very experienced source of intelligence for start ups.

Enterprise Ireland (EI) supports new businesses with both advice and funding requirements.
Their High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) program ofers a range of such services to start-ups with
great potential. The main criteria to access the HPSU program are based on key aspects of your
business vision and plans.

Bord Bia’s role is to promote Irish food and drinks abroad as well as in Ireland. It provides
access to a range of valuable information sources for businesses starting up in the drinks
sector. (

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