Page 5 - Drinks Industry - 14 Jan 2016
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This guide was commissioned by Bord Bia. It has been necessitated by the recent and
dynamic growth in the Irish premium drinks sector across both beer and spirits. This
growth has generated tremendous interest from investors and entrepreneurs that were not
traditionally engaged within the sector and has led to an unprecedented need for knowledge
in this space. The guide, in keeping with recommendations in the Food Wise 2025 vision,
is designed to help potential entrepreneurs get the right start in the competitive premium
drinks business in Ireland.

The nature of the premium drinks business is one of intense competition driven by a number
of large, well resourced global brands, coupled with highly creative and cleverly supported
local and regional brands. The guide aims to be very practical and was developed by speaking
directly with experienced industry experts to gain their insight and advice for newcomers
to the industry. We engaged with many businesses of varying size and tenure in the drinks
sector as well as with services that support this sector in Ireland – including state agencies
(Local Enterprise Oices and Enterprise Ireland), engineering and building consultants as well
as investor groups and inancial institutions.

We would like to extend our gratitude to those who generously contributed to this

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